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123 Instructions 4 Learning Guides to Windows® and Office®

STAT! Systems is pleased to offer its customers a complete set of instruction books for Microsoft Windows® and Office®. The 123 Instructions 4 Learning Guides were developed by Alan Roberts, M.D. Until 1998, Dr. Roberts had never used a computer, but with the help of technical specialists (who have now co-authored his books), Dr. Roberts learned Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office and has since produced the 123 Instructions 4 Learning Guides. We at STAT! Systems know that it's increasingly important for medical practices to have a computer literate staff. That's why we're offerring this entire set of manuals that you and your staff can use as reference or training guides. Extensive indices for basic tasks — a great addition to your office library!

The complete set includes:

Microsoft Windows 98 Learning Guide
The Internet and Microsoft Outlook 2000 Learning Guide
Microsoft Word 2000 Learning Guide
Microsoft Excel 2000 (Editing and Charts) Learning Guide
Microsoft Excel 2000 (Worksheets) Learning Guide
Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 Learning Guide
Our Price: $90 for the entire set
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