E L E C T R O N I C  M E D I C A L  R E C O R D S



The Q.D. Clinical Imaging Module helps you capture and store images in directories so that they can be referenced, annotated and retrieved in the patient chart. This is a standard feature included in Q.D. at no extra charge. We also interface to a comprehensive PACS that can be purchased as an add-on.

Voice Recognition

Q.D. Clinical recognizes Dragon Naturally Speaking. Medical vocabularies are available through resellers of Dragon, or users can build their own over time. The Dragon Mobile add-on allows for off-site dictation and then downloading into the chart. Voice recognition software requires a very fast processor with lots of RAM.

Q.D. on Pen-based Systems and Palm™-PDA Devices

Q.D. Clinical is designed for keyboard-free entry, making it a great system for pen-based use. Q.D.’s encounter/progress note generator (QuickWrite) is now available for Palm™ - PDA devices.

Touch-screen monitors and Q.D.

Like the pen-based system, touch-screen monitors work extremely well with Q.D. Clinical. We recommend that you use a pen or pointing device with the touch-screen because of the details in each Q.D. screen. Some companies sell touch-screen monitors that will run on your current PC. Others will retrofit monitors that you have already purchased. Touch-screen monitors can be quirky, but will significantly increase the speed and ease with which you can navigate Q.D. Clinical. We recommend that you work with a local computer hardware reseller.

Reference Laboratory Interfaces

We have several reference laboratory interfaces available for Q.D. Clinical. Requests for an interface should be routed through your local lab representative. You should also let us know about your interest in this feature and provide us with your representative’s contact information.

Patient Demographic Interfaces

Q.D. Clinical has standard patient demographic import routines for Lytec, MediSoft, MiSys, Medical Manager, Practice Manager for Windows (by PPM, Inc.) and others. Even companies we haven’t worked with before can usually format your patient information for a one-time import and some can develop an ongoing import routine. Please have your practice management company call us for specs/formatting information. Q.D. is HL7 compliant.

Q.D. Clinical Networking

Q.D. Clinical is compatible with Novell Netware, Windows NT/2000/2003/XP and Windows 95/98. Please call for pricing information and current promotions. Some physicians report success running Q.D. using Linux and Samba for a low-cost option. Q.D. is also accessible using web browsers and application servers on Citrix MetaFrame. It also works with wireless networks and off-site (remote) communications.

Q.D. Clinical works with MDe Solution’s PrecisionCode to maximize coding compliance/billing accuracy, increase revenue and save time. There is a nominal annual fee for this capability.