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Q.D. user Francis V. Adams, M.D. has written a new book.
STAT! Systems, Inc. Introduces New Palm Interface
STAT! Systems, Inc. Offers Fujitsu Products to Q.D. Clinical Users
cpt™ and ICD-9-CM Updates Now Available
Q.D. Clinical Interfaces to Major Billing Systems
Medical Software Reviews Cover Story
Q.D. Clinical: Physicians and Computers Cover Story
Malpractice Insurer APA Approves Q.D. Clinical
Osteopathic Module
STAT! Systems and WebEx
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STAT! SYSTEMS, Inc. Introduces a New Palm™-PDA Application

Get a free Demo of NGenWriter™, our SOAP Notes product for the Palm™-PDA.

Now, the critically acclaimed QD QuickWrite tool can be used on the Palm operating system, and compatible PDAs, using NGenWriter™.

The Ultimate in Mobility!
  • Enter notes with your Palm™-PDA - NO typing
  • Sync to Q.D. Clinical EMR.
  • Scalable from a single user to thousands, and employs standard SQL database in its Network Configuration
  • Captures charges and patient histories.
  • Order Now!

Please call us at 877-4-CHARTS or email us at info@statsystems.com to see an online demo.
Available for Palm, Sony, Handspring, Handera and many more. Coming soon for the Pocket-PC.

Q.D. user Francis V. Adams, M.D. has written a new book.

Q.D. user Francis V. Adams, M.D., F.C.C.P., has written a new book. In Healing Through Empathy, he discusses, through the histories of seven patients, how a physician's empathy for a patient can significantly improve the outcome of a serious illness.

STAT! SYSTEMS, Inc. Offers Fujitsu Products to Q.D. Clinical Users

STAT! Systems, Inc. recently announced that it has teamed up with Fujitsu to offer Q.D. Clinical users the latest in portable and touch-screen technologies. Call 877-4-CHARTS or click on the link below for more information about current products in use with Q.D. Clinical.

Handheld Computers in Use with QD

cpt™ and ICD-9-CM Updates Now Available

cpt™ and ICD-9 updates are now available to Q.D. Clinical users on the Annual Support Plan. The updates are offered as a result of an agreement between STAT! Systems, Inc. and the American Medical Association. The latest updates, valued at over $400, are available at no charge for download from the User Resources section for users on our Annual Support Plan. Please contact us to learn more about the Annual Support Plan.

The update, downloadable from this site, is available only for the Windows® version. Call us for the DOS update.

Q.D. Clinical Interfaces with Major Billing Systems

Q.D. Clinical recently announced a strategic partnership with Easy Business Software to offer interfaces to most major billing systems, including Lytec, Medical Manager, Medic, and Medisoft. We also have billing system interfaces for ACS, miSys, VerSyss and Practice Manager for Windows (by PPM), and many others. Contact us for a complete list of Billing Systems Interfaces. Press Release

Medical Software Reviews Cover Story

QD Clinical received one of the highest reviews ever for an EMR product, getting 5 out of 5 in performance, functionality, documentation, and value of price and 4 out of 5 stars in error handling and ease of use.

Learn more about the latest and greatest features of Q.D. Clinical from an independent reviewer, a family practitioner from Ohio, in Medical Software Reviews.

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The Article

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Q.D. Clinical: Physicians and Computers Cover Story

The May 2000 issue of Physicians and Computers features an article by Ronald Leemhuis M.D., a family practitioner and longtime Q.D. Clinical user. Dr. Leemhuis discusses how he has successfully overcome the challenge of EMR implementation with Q.D. Clinical and Dragon voice-recognition software. Click below to read excerpts from the article. To receive a complete copy of the article, e-mail your mailing address to info@statsystems.com.

EMR Challenges and Promises

Malpractice Insurer APA Approves Q.D. Clinical

American Physicians Assurance Corporation (APA, formerly MICOA) is among several professional liability companies that have approved Q.D. Clinical as an effective tool for improving risk management. Q.D. Clinical, used by thousands of physicians nationwide over the last decade, is a proven method for reducing the risk of incidence of malpractice claims.

Q.D. Clinical Feature Highlights for Risk Management

  • Hierarchical levels of security for confidentiality of patient information.
  • Drug allergy and interaction checking and warnings.
  • Tracks patient phone calls and messages.
  • Documents prescriptions and patient instructions.
  • Documents procedures, lab tests and results.
  • Enables physicians to produce clear, precise clinical progress notes using standard and accepted medical terminology.
  • Documents all patient medical history information.
  • Supports health maintenance, case management and patient surveys.
  • Promotes data aggregation, clinical trials and longitudinal patient studies.
For more information about APA, visit their website at www.acaponline.com or click here.

Osteopathic Module

STAT! Systems, Inc. announces the new Osteopathic Module for Q.D. Clinical. Call 1-877-4-CHARTS for an interactive, online demo.

Juanita Brown, D.O. at AOA Annual Convention demonstrating the Osteopathic Module she developed for Q.D. Clinical.


STAT! Systems has teamed up with WebEx Communications, Inc., the leading provider of internet infrastructure for interactive real-time communications. See our meeting page.

WebEx's software is designed to run meetings, seminars, classes, etc. over the internet, where presenter and presentees can interact with exactly what's on the presenter's computer screen and where presentee(s) can even take control of the mouse and keyboard and run the application directly. We are using WebEx to present interactive, online demos, provide doctors with live training while they sit in their office or home, offer better support to our customers and anything else we can think of to do with it!
Press Release

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