E L E C T R O N I C  M E D I C A L  R E C O R D S

Q.D. Clinical -- Electronic Medical Records is a computerized patient records (CPR) system for the medical community.


Here is a partial list of our partners:

NoteGen Solutions

NoteGen Solutions, Inc. creates Point of Service medical software solutions for Palm® and other PDAs and NoteGen is the developer of NGenWriter™.

Physicians Practice Management, Inc.

Physicians Practice Management (PPM) was one of the first companies to enter the electronic claims and billing software marketplace in 1979. PPM provides the state-of-the-art medical billing system, Practice Manager for Windows (PMW), that enables physician practices and billing services to create and submit HIPAA-compliant electronic claims.

PMW and Q.D. Clinical are designed to work together. The closed-loop, bi-directional interface eliminates costly duplicate entry of demographics and charge capture. With Q.D. handling the patient's charts and PMW managing the billing, together they form a complete database solution for medical practices.


MDeSolutions produces software to help doctors with coding. Their PrecisionCode line of products helps users to more easily and quickly select and edit codes. It assists users in selecting the proper codes and then automatically applies those codes against all the relevant edits. It helps practices achieve coding compliance and ensures that the practice will capture all earned charges.

United Micro Data

United Micro Data has been making electronic document organization and management easier and less expensive for corporations and institutions since 1983. United Micro is an authorized reseller for LaserFiche™ and DigiTech® imaging products.


Whether itís Electronic Patient Records, Lab Ordering, Appointment Reminder, Prescription Fulfillment, Medical History or other emerging medical technology products, X-Link delivers the data you need - where you need it - when you need it so the many different functions in a practice can work together with popular Practice Management Systems.

Many of our customers use X-Link to interface between Q.D. Clinical and their billing systems.