E L E C T R O N I C  M E D I C A L  R E C O R D S

Q.D. Clinical - Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with PrecisionCode


STAT!Systems has partnered with MDeSolutions to integrate with Q.D. Clinical the most compliant and revenue generating code editing solution on the market, PRECISIONCODE Plus.


A recent survey conducted by Physicians Practice magazine revealed that physicians who used a coding solution like PRECISIONCODE Plus experienced an average increase in revenue of 10%!


PRECISIONCODE Plus combines state of the art coding, claims scrubbing and revenue maximizing features in one easy to use application.  The user creates the record in Q.D. Clinical then sends the record and codes to PRECISIONCODE Plus where they can further select and/or modify the codes they have already chosen.  Then PRECISIONCODE Plus AUTOMATICALLY scrubs the encounter to ensure:

·        No coding or compliance issues

·        No missed charges

·        Claim is maximized to ensure the highest appropriate reimbursement




Key Features