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Q.D. Clinical -- Electronic Medical Records is a computerized patient records (CPR) system for the medical community.

Dr. Stanley's Books

Here is a collection of books that we think people in the medical community will find interesting and informative. If you have a book you've written that you think should go on this page, please email us at webmaster@statsystems.com.

Healing Lazarus

In the summer of 1999, Lewis Richmond went into a coma with viral encephalitis. His doctors didn't think he'd live. After a week and a half in a coma, he emerged not only alive but without any permanent brain damage. For approximately a year and a half thereafter, he made the slow recovery from serious neurological injury to the health and vitality he had before the coma. Now, he has written a book about his comatose dreams, his neurological problems and his slow journey back to health. This book has made him a hero among encephalitis survivors, many of whom suffered much worse fates than he.

In this unique first-person account, Richmond speaks candidly about his experiences. His comatose dreams were vivid beyond description. To him, they were reality while he was comatose, and yet, looking back, he stoicly accepts them as psychological and neurological mysteries, without any further attempt to explain them. And yet, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Richmond's odyssey is that mysterious medicine which is human will.

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Healing Through Empathy

Physicians have been known as healers long before they could provide cures for common ailments, but the art of healing is rarely found in the current era of managed care and five-minute office visits. Patients cry out for a physician who cares, someone who will take the time to listen to their complaints.

In Healing Through Empathy, Dr. Francis Adams illustrates the vital importance of the doctor-patient relationship through seven of his patientsí histories. In these life stories Dr. Adams describes the role of empathy in this vital relationship and illustrates how a physicianís emotional response to his patientís illness may educate him rather than blur his thinking. Healing Through Empathy allows the reader to see into the mind of one physician as he seeks the best outcome for his patientsí problems.

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123 Instructions 4 Learning Guides

The 123 Instructions 4 Learning Guides were developed by Alan Roberts, M.D. Until 1998, Dr. Roberts had never used a computer, but with the help of technical specialists (who have now co-authored his books), Dr. Roberts learned Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office and has since produced the 123 Instructions 4 Learning Guides.

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